I’m Saksham, a freelance designer & developer who build great websites with a focus on human-computer interactions.

Website redesign, WordPress development, SEO

Site design, and development

About me

I’m a freelance WordPress designer, developer, and marketer obsessed with WordPress, Design, SEO, SaaS, Content Marketing, and Web Performance.

I have over two year’s experience working as a full-time freelancer and consultant … And I spend my free time creating random websites.

I assist small and mid-sized businesses to achieve a larger customer base and higher revenues by creating a better online experience for them.


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“Saksham designed Scalist website. He was able to understand my expectations and aligned with my ideas almost instantly. This saved me a lot of time without having to get on multiple calls. His discipline on commitment is very high and as a client I am delighted with his work. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking to create or redesign their website.”

Omprakash SP

Founder of Scalist

“Saksham is an All-rounder. He does good Content writing, excellent design. But one of the reasons i revisit him again and again for work is because he has good knowledge about SEO and the current Marketing environment. He comes up with relevant ideas, ideas which i can use, and which are beneficial to my business and my customers. This is why I would recommend Saksham highly. Surely a WordPress Rockstar and SEO expert in the making.”

Hitesh Bhasin

“I collaborate with Saksham for the re-design of my website. It was great to work with him, he has a very good taste for design and he is always available for further changes. A creative professional that I highly recommend!”

Nicholas Tinelli

Travel and portrait photographer (Nicholas Tinelli)