Website Design and Development

The homepage of the WebMedia26

WebMedia26 is an agency site and I decided to design this site with a minimalistic approach to help the business convey the most important information to the potential customers and bring in as much leads as possible.

Timeline: 1 to 2 weeks

Type: Web design, and WordPress development

Company: WebMedia26

Project details

The main aim with website was to gave an outline about the agency to the potential customers with an easy way to get in touch.

And as the website would be pretty light on content, I decided to put together a simple but classic design for the about, services and the home page (below) to give the professional aesthetic to the site.

I played with a few quick concepts for the homepage and then designed it straight in the Elementor. All the pages have a strong focus on the content.

The homepage and Services page


I created all the page with responsive design in focus as nowadays it is very important for every website.